Periodically we can become stuck and unable to move forward, creativity can be useful in unlocking what is going on for you. I use a range of tools such as sand tray, drums, art materials and music to help us explore further what is going on for you. These acts of creativity can act as keys to unpick blockages as well as allowing one to be able to see their life. 


The use of a piece of music, a song, an album or a single can some times quickly evoke for us memories and the experiences that we were going through at the time and give us the opportunity to explore emotions, experiences and feelings and better understand or express what was going on for you.


The use of art materials / pictures and sand trays can act as an excellent catalyst for change, understanding and exploration. The very cathartic act of creating your world in the form of a picture, in sand or with paints or other artistic materials can help evoke or bring your experiences into your awareness and allow us to better explore what is going on for you and bring about better understanding.